Wednesday, 4 January 2017

What I Got For Christmas 2016

Not showing off or bragging but I think I did pretty alright for presents this year. Majority of the things I received were things I wanted/asked for & I got some other lovely stuff. 

Obviously I'm not going to list it all here it's just a quick round up. I had a lot of chocolate; from Marzipan to Malteasers, Chocolate Orange to Ferroro Rocher. I wont starve for a while.. Haha! 

The main presents I had off D were a Michael Kors Watch, Electric Toothbrush, Fitbit, Perfume & Benefit Make-Up. I also had some bath stuff, chocolate & sweets. Our budget for each other was supposed to be £150 but I know she went over, as per usual. 

Off my Parents we had the Dressing Table (read here) as a joint present. Then I had Pandora charm & ring, Anna Kendricks Scrappy Little Nobody, Cecelia Ahern's Lyrebird, Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara, and some other little bits and bobs. 

Off my In-Laws I had Soap & Glory bath stuff, DKNY perfume, PJ's, Slippers, Sweets, Chocolate, Nail Varnishes, Biscuit Mug & some other little bits. From D's Sister I had a beautiful tea for one set & a Body Shop strawberry smelly set. 

My Nan gave me a travel cabin case, Money, Body Wash, Nutella & Gingerbread Men Socks. I also received another Pandora charm, well clip, from my Step-Grandparents. My Auntie bought me a Pig Pandora charm, as well as a Pig Calendar & some more smellies.    

So if anyone was looking at my presents and describing me they would say I like smellies, chocolate and pigs. Haha. There were so many things I liked this year & although it didn't feel like Christmas I still enjoyed my day off. I'm hoping Christmas 2017 will be a lot more joyful & festive. 

Now time to take down the decorations and make room for all the goodies...  

Love Coco xxx

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