Wednesday, 25 January 2017

2017 Goals

I may be a bit late in the month to upload this but I had other posts I wanted to upload first.

I never really make resolutions as they always get broken so this year I thought I would make more of a To Achieve/To Do list. Back last year D & I made a list of things we wanted to do/places we wanted to go so that will be continuing & then I made some personal goals & Social Media goals. 

My personal goals; 

Be a better person-
be happier, less negative, more productive. 
To help me with this I boughht The Happiness Planner. I may do a post on this in the future but until then if you want to find out more about it DaintyDressDiaries has some amazing posts... click here

Open my Childminding business- This is such a biggie... Its hard bloody work for starters to even get the application form sent off before I even get to the stage of being anywhere near opening. I want to be my own boss so bad so I'm trying hard to get stuff done. 

Social Media goals; 

Blog twice a week - I enjoy writing on the blog, but sometimes it felt pointless as I felt nobody was interested. Upon reading advice from others about blogging I realised that I need to be regular so my aim is to post twice a week, aiming for Wednesdays & Saturdays. 

Post daily to Instagram- 
I am a big fan on instagram. I love taking photos and looking at what others photograph. I have seen a few people take part in a photo a day & I thought it was a good idea so I aim to post daily. 

Gain Followers/Views -
This goes alongside the above, whats the point in updating social media to not get anyone reading or commenting on your posts. So I wrote some aims;
Followers;  Bloglovin - 100 followers
                  Twitter - 1000 followers
                  Instagram - 750 followers
                  Blog Page Views - 7000 views

 I have myself a notebook which I have wrote out my aims, the months, the current amount of followers/views & then the end of the month is ready to fill in how much has changed. 

I am hoping I keep up with these goals & I will probably write a catch up in a few months to see how its going.
Do you have any goals for this year??

Love Coco xxxx
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  1. Good luck with all of your goals. Getting ready to start your childminding business sounds SO exciting (but quite stressful!). I do a similar thing with my social media goals. It's nice to do a recap at the end of each month

    Steph -

  2. Thanks sweetie. I hope I hit the goals or at least get near.

    It is super stressful but I'm focusing on the positives of the outcome.

    Have you posted your social media goals??? I've barely had any time to do anything like reading/catching up on blogs but I get a spare five mins I'll check it out.

    Love Coco xxxx

  3. Good luck on all of your goals, especially in your childminding business! I know you'll be fine :D

    Lizzie Bee // hello lizzie bee

  4. Good luck with your goals! I think having a set number of followers you want to gain is a great idea. Maybe I should try that too... As for me, I haven't set any particular goals yet, as I've just started a new blog and I'm still figuring out what to do about it. I'd say that for now my goal for this year is to stop rushing and be kinder to myself.

    1. Those are great goals to set yourself... It is only recent that I have put more effort into my blog so I hope that by setting these goals I see the effect of that.

      Good luck to you xxx