Thursday, 12 January 2017

A-Z of 2016

I thought I would do a round up of my year a little differently.
So heres my A-Z of 2016;

A - Angharad - my Auntie got married in May & it was the nicest bank holiday weather we have had in forever. Lovely day. I loved my dress & I had a great time being Bridesmaid for the first time. 

B-Bulgaria - first holiday together just me & D as a couple. I've blogged about that previously here.

C - Childminding - finally completed course, started 50 page application form & slowly losing my mind as it's so much headwork. But I can't wait to be started. 

D-Days out; Dan-Yr-Ogof Caves- D & I went and visited the show caves. It was a wet day , as usual in Wales, but we had a good laugh.

The Caves at Dan-yr-ogof.

E - Eating - Discovered new places ; Cedar Tree Farm & Bryn Meadows. The food in Cedar Tree is lush & great portions & their desserts are to die for! We also went for  Afternoon Tea, in Bryn Meadows & it was Ronald Dahl themed ... great idea, and great fun. I'd definitely go for a themed afternoon tea again! 

F - Father - In October my Father got married ... funnily enough on the same date he married my Mother all those years back 😂😂😂 how he managed to pick the same date from 365 days I don't know. But it was a beautiful wedding. And he'll be a lot happier with this wife! 

G - Grandfather - My amazing Bamp lost his battle with a form of lung cancer after a 5 month diagnosis. Never will he be forgotten.

H -Harry Potter- went to London to see Harry Potter & The Cursed Child. We got the MegaBus at 6am, used the underground to get where we needed to without getting lost, very proud of that. The show is absolutely magical. A must see!

I - In- Laws - Spent more time with D's family this year. Even just in their house but we've had some little outings & evenings together. We also had the news that D's sister is pregnant & due in 2017.

Johanna - Another wedding... this time my cousin, she had a small wedding which was just both parents, siblings & children in the day & then friends & extended family in the evening. Had a great time in the evening, dancing & getting drunk. It was also nice not to have bridesmaid duties! 

K- Kitchen - We spent quite a bit of our time in 2016 baking cakes. Now who can complain about that. We baked chocolate cakes, chocolate orange cakes, carrot cake, and red velvet cookies. We work quite well together as I read the measurements & method & D does all the hard labour..haha.

L - Light Switch On's - Cardiff - I wanted to do something Christmassy so we went to Cardiff for their Light Switch On which they did different this year as they didn't really do a switch on they just had lots of events taking place around the town-lots of fun though. 

We also went to Merthyr's light switch on as D's cousin was preforming with the local theatre school. It absolutely bucketed down & we got soaked so went after his performances! 

M - Mary Poppins- Practically Perfect! We went to Cardiff to see the theatre to see Mary Poppins. Knowing what the theatre is like I knew they would change things up, generally I enjoyed it but there were some parts they changed too much for my liking & although D is a big Mary Poppins fan I don't think she enjoyed it as much as I had hoped. 

N - Nails - this year I really enjoyed pampering myself & because I managed to get my nails done twice for free (wedding nails) come October I kept up with the acrylics & that lasted until December. But once I started work they have now gone back to being the little stubs & it's back to false ones when I get the chance! 

O - Opticians - finally got around to going to the opticians after suffering with constant headaches because I was straining my eyes to read & had trouble seeing number plates when driving. I had new glasses & they actually suit me okay. I always had problems as a child as I looked ridiculous with the shape of my head I'd have a gap either side where they didn't fit properly! 

P - Party planning - I really enjoy planning parties & this year I got to decorate my house for my Stepmothers Hen ... she lives in England but comes to visit once a month & her Matron of Honour decided it would be a nice change for them to come to Wales for the Hen Weekend. So D & I decorated the Living Room, made an awesome Buffett & had lots of fun. If childminding fails I would go into party planning for sure!


R - Roald Dahls City Of Unexpected - Anyone who didn't know this year was the 100th anniversary of Ronald Dahl must of been sleeping under a rock. Our lovely Cardiff did a street party, as such, where crazy things were going on & it was all to be unexpected madness. What we saw was great & there was an amazing turnout, it was just a bit too unorganised as many people were missing things that were meant to be happening & apparently crowd control wasn't the best it could be. I enjoyed myself & so did D!

S - Stereophonics concert- our beloved Welsh boys did a gig in Swansea & me & D managed to get tickets. Really enjoyed the gig... there's something about a huge crowd of people singing along to classics such as HandBags & the GladRags that makes me proud to be Welsh! 

T - Twitter chats- This Year I got a bit more social on Twitter & Joined some groups & also got involved in Twitter Chats. It's nice to talk to new people, discuss ideas, memories, etc & it's making me a bit more confident.

U - Universal Jobmatch - the biggest pain in my arse is this bloody website. Due to being out of work for most of the year I've been job searching & had to use this website to track what I've been doing. 35 hours a week of looking for a job can really drive a girl insane! Hurry up and open my business so I never have to use it again!!!!! 

Visits; We visited some new places last year. Such as Techniquest, Cadbury World in Birmingham, Go Air Trampoline Park, Oxwich Bay. We also revisited places such as Brecon, where we went and got ice cream & then went on a pedalo....which we were no good at directing...*hides head in shame*

Go Air Trampoline Park
Techniquest fun.

Dont think we had enough from Cadbury World.

Oxwich Bay is beautiful.

W - Weight- ugh... this year I have put on so much weight. I've totally let myself go. We did start exercising for a few months & I was happy as I lost some weight but I've definitely put it all back on & more. Oops! 



Z - Zzzz - I wish I could sleep. My sleep was messed up this year & as someone who loves their sleep this was possibly one of the worst parts of 2016. I'd have a night of decent sleep & 2 of no sleep. Im hoping it'll be somewhat back to normal in 2017.

So that's my A-Z of 2016. I know there are some letters missing but its a lot harder to think of activities or memories for those letters than you would think. 
I hope 2015 was okay for you all but that 2017 will be better. 

Love Coco xxx

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