Monday, 31 December 2018

Monday motivation....

Monday motivation... now I know it’s the Christmas/New Year period and it’s the time of year where we all say “sod it it’s Christmas” (some way or another) and have that extra piece of cake or extra biscuit , whatever it may be. I’m certainly guilty to that. But it’s also the time of year that I look back at what I’ve achieved over the year. I aimed to be a lot lighter than I am but as everyone knows the journey to success isn’t simple.

June 2017 weighing my heaviest at nearly 13 stone


This first picture was from Disneyland Paris June 2017  I look back at these pictures now with a little bit of sadness as I’m at my heaviest, I’d not taken care of myself at all. So in March 2018 I started my weight loss journey I wanted to be at least a stone and a half lighter by my November 2018 disney trip... I did well to start... we would have our once a week treat - just the one thing, then as time went on and the lbs were coming off slower it got harder and harder and instead of pushing through I started to crack... I’d have a treat day where everything I ate was unhealthy... this started turning into a mid week treat too and things surely started to slide.... I was still  eating my healthier meals but it was the extra treats and the takeaways when we couldn’t be bothered to cook. 

When I’d lost about a stone and saw this picture it made me more determined

November 2018- I feel better but I’ve still got more to go

I didn’t only want to lose weight for the way I looked but to also try and be healthier to go through fertility treatment and carry a baby. The whole point in me writing this is .. I may not be at my goal weight in the recent pictures but I am happier in myself (that’s come from many other things) however I aim to get back into the healthier eating and adding exercise in as that’s the other key to being healthy. I’m going to enjoy the end of the year with eating that piece of cake or having a few biscuits because I know I CAN DO IT , I CAN get back into it and I CAN be happy and healthy & still have treats- I’ve just got to be sensible about it.! 

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