Saturday, 28 January 2017

Buying my car....

I finally got a new car.... yay....!!
 A car that doesn't sound like an aeroplane when the engine switches off.! A car that isn't old.

I am so happy with my new car, a Fiat 500x, in Tuscan lala! That's dark green to us normal people!!
I have never really bought a car from a dealership before, my first car I bought off someone selling in a local town & my last car was from a small garage. Knowing I wanted a new car, rather than something ten plus years old, I knew I would have to go to dealers. I had an idea in my mind of what I wanted... I wanted a car that had a decent size boot, to fit in pram, bags, shopping etc, with enough leg room in the back for no kids kicking me in the back but not massive that I was afraid to park it, IE not a 7 seater. Ha ha. After having an idea in mind for ages the Vauxhall Mokka was quite a popular car in my local towns & I quite liked the look of it, not too big or box-y (yep that's now a word!) I did a bit of looking online and it came up to be a pretty good car. Classed as a Mini-SUV.... just what I wanted. So after some time of thinking and wishing I got started in the plan of actually looking to purchase. 

Off D & I went to our local Vauxhall Dealership, which is where she got her Vauxhall Adam from. Lovely staff, didn't make me feel out of place, gave me time to look around the forecourt first before coming over to guide us. I took a Mokka out for a test drive, I didn't feel as small as I thought I would in a bigger car, I felt in control, it was a dream. The "problem" for me was that it was a 2014 plate & I wanted something newer... so the gentleman said they had a newer Mokka that he could bring down the next day, so I agreed to have a look at that one, it was £1000 more expensive than the one I had test drove & was white.... the colour put me off. 

google image of the Vauxhall Mokka

After speaking to my father I had two other cars in mind, a Dacia.... they are cheaper from new due to the body metal... and a Fiat 500x.... at first I wasn't convinced on the fiat.. it looked too box-y & I didn't know much about them as a brand either. So we set off to Griffin Mill who stocked both cars. We got to the Fiat dealer first, even though we had planned to go see the Dacia first. Outside the doors of the building stood the 500x's and they looked nice from the outside, the insides looked decent enough with screens inside & the boot was exactly what I wanted. They were around £15,000 which was quite out of my budget. They had a 5 month old that had 77miles on the clock for just shy of £13,000. We took it for a test drive & it had all these gadgets and impressive things... my mind was starting to sway even though for months I had my heart set on a Vauxhall Mokka.

I needed to seriously think about this, so we left there & went to the Dacia dealership. Personally I didn't like the gentleman that we spoke to, I felt like he didn't want to be there, he didn't make any effort to make a sale. Anyways the Dacia Stepway was a decent looking car on the outside but I felt like the inside looked cheap... the ones that were on the forecourt anyway. I was impressed with how well it drove, and also that the man just let us go on our own for a test drive, I just wasn't sold. They start at a low price from new, £7,000 but then you have to add on extras to make it more modern. We went back to the Vauxhall garage to see the newer Mokka & I did like it, it was still an older car than I wanted & I wasn't really a fan of the colour but it felt like the right choice to make.

The Dacia's look lovely from the outside....
I just personally think the inside looked cheap.

 So the Dacia was pretty much a no from the get go from me so I only had to decide between the Mokka & the 500x... and boy was it a hard decision. I kept going back and fore. The Vauxhall was what I had in mind for months, I knew the brand, it was where D got her car from, The dealership was closer, It had pretty much everything I wanted but then the 500x was only 5 months old, it was a nicer colour, it felt more modern & snazzy. The prices came into mind as obviously it meant how much I had to pay a month (I didn't get finance) ... D was an absolute legend during these two days as I knew I was moody and snappy because I just couldn't make up my mind. My heart was with the Fiat but my mind was telling me to be sensible with the Vauxhall...... in the end the heart took over & I 100 percent made the right decision. I love it & am very happy with it. 

I would definitely by a car from Griffin Mill again as they were lovely people, listened to what I wanted, had a great offer & made me very happy. 

Now that Ive bored you all with my car talk I'm off for a spin....joking.

Love Coco xxxx
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