Friday, 1 April 2016

February's Blogger Beauty Box


Today's post is all about the Blogger Beauty Box set up by Vix Meldrew. I ordered a box to try it out, for only £10 including postage I was a tad bit dubious... However I needn't have been. The February box came with 4 full sized items, a set of eyelashes & 2 trial size products. AMAZING!!!

I know it's the end of March but I wanted to try the products before I reviewed the box, what would be the point otherwise.

Here's what was in the box;

PURISKIN lip balm by Vanessa Blake Cosmetics

DHC Mineral Mask

Merumaya Bi-Phase Eye make up remover

Madamme La La west coast face bronzer

Threads vava voom lashes

JR Naturoganics mandarin & chamomile Cleansing milk & hydrating mist.

I absolutely love the DHC Mineral Mask... This face mask is great, it goes on to the skin easy & I love the kind of masks where you can feel it working. It leaves my skin feeling smooth & doesnt break me out which is an absolute must these days. I use this once a week and find it does my ski. Wonders. This may be something I purchase in the future.

I also love the eye make up remover, it's not tough on the eyelids, it works wonders on my waterproof mascara & leaves my eyelashes feeling soft. Something else I may purchase.

I received the PURISKIN lip balm in clear, I seen that some received a colour & to be honest I'm glad I didn't, I feel I've used this more as it's clear than I would of otherwise. With the constant weather changes my lips get chapped quite easily & this seems to be working well but it's not something I feel I would buy as I have so many lip balms & it doesn't wow me.

I really like the lashes but I am absolutely useless at putting them on myself due to not having much practice so these will have to wait for D to put them on me when we go out for an evening. I also gave D the face bronzer as I tried it and absolutely failed so much I ended up with black marks on my fingers & patches on my face.... I was really surprised at it being so runny I ended up making a mess & decided it wasn't for me.. I'll just embrace my paleness.

I didn't try the cleansing milk & hydrating mist as I've only recently got my skin care routine in a good place so didn't want to risk breaking out. They may be something I revisit in the future.

I was so impressed with this box I ordered the next box which I received this morning so once I've trailed those ill review them.

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  1. I loved the mask and eye makeup remover. Definitely on my repurchase list when I run out too. I wasn't convinced by the balm, was just a little boring and didn't wow me either. I can't wait to try my lashes out, I'm useless at them too haha xx

    Tamz |