Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Elf On The Shelf Week 2...

Ugh the blooming elf !!!  I have lost count of the amount of times I've said that & get annoyed with myself because I havent moved the elf or thought of a good idea.

I am so glad I am getting the practice in now before  I have children because I have definitely learnt from it.

Here's what the Elf got up to this past week;

Day 8 - Playing Skittles

Day 9 - Having a midnight snack

Day 10 - Had a nice soak in the bath

Day 11 - Zip Lining in the kitchen (possibly my favourite)

Day 12 - Blobkins is a definite chocoholic

Day 13 - Helping me make Tea (I forgot to move him so D did..oops)

Day 14 - Playing games

Day 14 - where the candy canes were hidden.

I have had fun moving the elf but I really cant wait for it to be over.. Haha!

How is everyone else getting on?
Does anyone have any great ideas for me?

Love Coco x

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