Thursday, 1 December 2016

Pinch Punch First Of The Month


Seriously. Where has this year gone! So much has happened, some good and defintely some bad but seeing as its the 1st of December I thought I needed a change. The lovely Claire over at AlohaLola made me my new blog header/picture. I am so amazed by it. I can't believe its me!! Haha.

I really want to do more with the blogging & social media side of things, especially as next year my business will be up and running, at some point, & I want to do more things "for me" but why wait until January.... why not start now. So the blog header is the start of hopefully better & more frequent things from CocoChats.

This is just a short post as I have been super busy all week, trying to get the last of the christmas shopping done, wraping those last few bits & catching up on housework. On Saturday I have my induction for my new job, as of yet I am unsure of how many hours & what my rota will be, as well as many other important things such as when do you give me my money haha. I am hoping it will be regular hours, as in I hope I'll have a routine. So that is all for today as my fingers are now hurting because I am so cold & also I could waffle on for ages but I think you may get bored of that.

Hope you all are getting on well with your christmas shopping & activities.
Stay Warm,

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  1. Loving your new picture, I love everything Claire does, the eyes and the eyelashes always get me <3 Hope your new job is going well sweet pea <3 xx

    1. She is amazing.
      Thanks Hun, it's okay.
      I'm hoping to get an update on the job this week.
      I'm just super busy so need to write asap and schedule.

      Love Coco x