Thursday, 15 December 2016

My New Job;

If you follow me on twitter or follow this blog, (firstly thank you), you will know I started a job this week. In Retail, in a local supermarket... I have worked in retail before but within the fast food environment. I must be mad... its December... the busiest time of the year!!! Luckily I dont have too much to do with customers as my job is more with stock & with pulling the items off the shelf that will be going out of date that day and marking it down (those lovely yellow stickers).

Ive done 4 days now & I feel a bit better going into the next week than I did one day in the middle last week. I had a bit of a meltdown. Not helped by the fact that MotherNature decided to make its visit on my first day!! Thanks for that!!! I felt a bit overwhelmed with information & also being left on my own to do tasks that I werent confident in was what made me break down. God Bless the lovely young man that had to deal with a blubbing me when I broke down after the scanner not working. Obviously I had tried keeping the tears in but they got let loose.

However after having a chat to one of the women who works there, and who I also used to hang out with 10 years ago, I feel more positive as she explained a few things to me, and made me feel calmer. She also said she was going to speak to the girl who is training me so that we can try and break down the training into bitesize pieces.

Other than that I think its going okay, The people I have worked with are pretty much lovely, theres a bit of banter & a few varied ages which is nice.

So we shall see how week 2 goes....
Wish me luck !

Love Coco xxx

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