Thursday, 10 December 2015

Living in hell.....

So things are really getting on top of me this week. Well this weekend just gone. The stress of everything happening is still there but now I have the added stress of my father & stepmother staying with me for ten days.

Now this is complicated to start with as the house that I live in is technically theirs & I have also never lived with my father. When I split from my ex I was still living in the one bedroom flat that we had shared for 6 years & at first she had moved out but a few months later she decided to move back in which meant I moved to the living room & turned it into a bedsit type which was uncomfortable but not as uncomfortable as sharing a bathroom & kitchen with your ex. So luckily for me my stepmother & father decided to buy a house in my hometown near to my family & that I would live in it & pay the bills but as I couldn't afford to live on my own completely they would pay the mortgage. Which obviously made me very happy & is basically my inheritance. The house is two bedrooms & a decent size. My parents decided that the one room would be theirs & that they would probably come down one weekend a month.

Now I'm not trying to sound selfish or ungrateful but when you are used to living on your own for most of the year it's hard work having two other people there for a weekend…the problem lies in that when they are down for the weekend they treat it like their own place & not my home. I live there 365 days a year, it's my home, I have my own ways of doing things so when someone else comes into your home & starts taking over… The kitchen, the tv, and moving things it really gets my back up. The amount of times I have gone to get something from the cupboard to find its either been used or isn't there. I have tolerance for this on for a weekend but this time they are here for ten days. It's only day three & I've already cried twice, had a rant every day to my girlfriend & got really wound up.

I just feel claustrophobic & uncomfortable in my own home & in all honesty I can't wait to have the place to myself again. Hope your weekend was better than mine & I hope my week will be better.

Love Coco

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