Thursday, 17 December 2015

Tough Love.....

Hey…. So if you've read my previous blog posts then you'll see the last few have been negative & moany. I'm tough on myself… I beat myself up on too many things. Everyone has flaws but I focus more on mine than anyone else I know. It is extremely rare that I give myself a compliment…. Even in my head. I always see pictures or read blog posts on how to be better, how to improve your life or mind, but I recently became very interested in a blog & I read every single blog post from the beginning & found myself connecting with this person & feeling very similar to some of her posts. If you want to read her blog click here.

Recently Sarah posted a ‘3 reasons to cut yourself some slack’ post & to be honest it came at the perfect time as I was feeling really fed up & it gave me a boost. The 3 reasons were;

You're only human
No one knows everything
You'll learn the best lessons

I'm not going to go too much into Sarah's reasons as obviously I think you should check her blog out. So here's my insight into it…

You're only human- when something goes wrong, when I think I've done something wrong I act like I'm the only person who it's happened to or who has made that mistake… I feel like I've totally failed & in all honesty I haven't. I'm just too harsh on myself. Everyone makes mistakes as long as you learn from them then it's a positive.

No one knows everything- I judge myself based on everyone else. I always worry about what other people will say or think about me. I always think that other people are better than me. But when I properly think about it no they don't… They may be smarter than me about certain topics but then I've had many life experiences that they possibly haven't. There is no way one single person can know everything!

You'll learn the best lessons- this ties in with the you're only human one… When I make mistakes I usually learn from them. I've been through some tough times, even from a little one, but without things being the way they were I wouldn't be who I am now, I'm kind, caring, thoughtful & regularly put others before myself  & as my girlfriend tells me I could of turned out to be completely different person & gotten in a lot of trouble.

Everyone has down days I know this but I seriously need to remember to give myself a break when I feel down & remember it's just one day!
So hopefully soon there will be some more positive & happy posts coming soon.

Love Coco

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