Thursday, 14 January 2016

Catch up..


I hope you are all well. I just thought I would use this weeks post tour date you on what has been happening and what's upcoming in the Coco house.

So just before Christmas I had an interview for a Nanny job in a town local to me, I've pretty much got the job I'm just waiting on the start date, hopefully1st February, and for some paperwork to come through. Previously I worked as a Nanny for a family & they just employed me & joined a PAYE scheme who did all the work for them. With this family it is a single parent & they have asked me to join a voluntary scheme with CSSIW, Care & Social Services Inspectorate Wales, so that she can have some monetary help from her university until she becomes a qualified nurse. I sent the paperwork off & have now paid for that & am hoping to get the registration complete ASAP.

I've been out of work since August & I am quite nervous about getting back into work as its been so long & I'm worried about everything that is going on outside of that but I'm hoping that all will go well & I'll just jump back into it like nothing ever happened. The things outside of work life that I'm talking about is mainly family. As written previously my grandfather has cancer & is having chemotherapy for it. The chemo is going really well in the sense that he hasn't had any of the side effects, no sickness or anythng like that. He is still as stubborn as always, going to our local towns every day & cooking food for the family every Sunday... I'm glad that he is carrying on the way he always has... He's a fighter and a stubborn sod.

Also written previously is that my Nan is having to have an operation in February for a lump in her salvia glands. This is a three hour operation and quite a bit risky as its near a main nerve. My Nan doesn't give up either, we just hoping that the recovery goes as normal because of her Parkinson's Disease. So a lot of my mind in the beginning of February is going to be worrying about them as I am very close to them & I feel a little like now I've got a job I'm not going to be just up the road as much as currently am.

Went out for a meal for Nan & Bamps 49th Anniversary

I don't think I have any other news , me & D have been spending quite a nice bit of time together & have vowed to do more interesting things this year... We have our own little bucket list & we also have a lot on the calendar for this year;

The only event on here that D is coming to is Little Mix

I've got some ideas what I want to do for D's birthday but I'm not 100% set yet & I have no idea for mine either but D said she already has ideas. I feel like this year is going to be a good but busy one.

Do you have any plans for the year? Let me know in the comments.

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