Monday, 25 January 2016

St Dwywens Day


So I kinda didn't get a post up last week.. I had one planned but it kinda slipped my mind. So my apologies for that firstly. So this week I hope to get two up.

So today most people in Wales who has a partner will be showering them with love for St Dwynwens Day. St Dwynwen is the Welsh patron saint of lovers. Dwynwen translates as 'she who leads a blessed life' which I think is beautiful. I may consider it as a name for my future daughter!!!!!

So the story is; The Welsh King had 24 daughters and Dwynwen was the prettiest of them all. Her father had arranged for her to marry someone , However as most love stories go she fell in love with someone else, a man called Maelon.
When she was found out about this arranged marriage she prayed to God to help her. So when she was sleeping an Angel visited her and gave her a potion to erase her feelings about Maelon & turn him into ice. (Cue a Disney Frozen scene here)
With the fact that her prayer came true she devoted her life to God & set up a convent on an island off the coast of Anglesey, which apparently you can still see the remains off. As Dwywens devoted her life to God, he gave her three wishes, she wishes were that Maelon be thawed, that God should meet the needs of all lovers & that she should never marry and that's how the story ends.

So that is the strange story of St Dwynwen.... It's basically a Welsh version of Valentine's Day. As both D & I find Valentines Day is over commercialised these days and it's a competition of whose partner can do better D & I don't celebrate it, instead we chose St Dwynwens day to exchange a gift, although to be honest this is quite a regular thing for us, we are forever picking things up for each other that we see.

So my present off D was a beautiful necklace from Not On The High Street , I've been after a star statement necklace for ages & neither of us have been able to find one anywhere. However this necklace is pretty close & it's so beautiful I am one happy girlie.

I absolutely love it. I love that it's stars, my favs, it also has my initial, my favourite colour purple & is just such a thoughtful gift off my girl.

For my girl I bought a photo frame & put some my favourite photos of us, I bought a metal sign which says 'love is in the air' which I hope we can put up on our feature wall when we live together & then I made a ' Reasons why...' Book which stated all the reasons why I love her. I'm a soppy shit about things like that. I'm 99% sure she liked her gifts.

Do you celebrate Valentine's Day or do you think it's becoming more commercial?

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