Thursday, 28 January 2016

My TBR Pile


So I thought I would let you into a bit more about me today & I thought I would start of by discussing one of my hobbies; Reading.

I like to read but as I've got older I find I have less time to do so. However with my book collection growing by the minute I thought that I should probably organise my time a bit better & schedule myself some reading time.

I have a Goodreads account follow me here. Last year I set myself a challenge to read 15 books & I only managed 7... Oops. Told you I wasn't having much reading time. So this year I will be setting the challenge of 10... Allowing myself at least a month to read one book....easy. I hope!

I have also updated my 'to read' section on there ensuring its books I either own or want to own, I'm hoping this will be better for me so that I am pressuring myself less to read books I don't want to. I sometimes feel the need to read a book because someone has said its good & im the type of reader who once I have started a book I must read till the end.

The type of books I read are mainly autobiographies & chick lit, however I have also got the challenge of finishing the Harry Potter books as D is a big fan & not only is she wanting to take me to Harry Potter world next year, even though she's been before, we have also booked tickets to see The Cursed Child in London. So the Harry Potter Books are on the first TBR pile & then I think I will just work through my shelves.

If you want to see what's on my shelves then take a browse on my goodreads page & my Instagram, links below.

Do you have any favourite books or authors? Are you setting yourself a reading challenge??

Love Coco,

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  1. I adore reading. Every since my year1 teacher got me into Jacqueline Wilson i've been hooked to anything the book world has to throw at me! I adore John Green books, they're so romantic yet so moving. They really tug at my heart strings

    lovely post,
    Daizy from|

  2. I've only read one John Green book and I did enjoy it, don't know if I'm a little bit too old for his style of writing but it was enjoyable and I wouldn't disregard his work.