Sunday, 13 March 2016

Videos of the week; Number 1


So I thought I would start a new series of posts. I absolutely love discovering new things on YouTube, they are usually people singing or something funny but either way I thought that ever Sunday I would post my weekly finds. 

So here's week 1 of my videos of the week.

The first video I loved this week was these men doing an amazing cover of 
Adele songs. The lads, Glenn Murphy & Ronan Scolard uploaded this video
 to YouTube a week ago & it's already had over 500,000 views & the lucky lads
also got to perform it on stage at Adeles concert in Dublin. 
I think their voices are absolutely amazing. 

This video is beautiful also. It's Kirstin Maldonado & her boyfriend 
Jeremy Michael Lewis performing some Disney songs without any backing music. 
I love these kind of songs & I am a Pentatonix fan as well as a Disney songs
so what's not to like. 

That's all for now folks, 

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