Saturday, 12 March 2016

My stepmother's 50th.


So last weekend I went to London, well Slough, to celebrate my stepmothers 50th birthday. Me & D went in her car & met my Auntie, Uncle & my Aunties best friend at the hotel.
Usually we stay at my stepmothers house but as of recently the house went from a house of 7 to a house of 8 meaning the spare bedroom was out of use & they had elderly family friends staying too. So we booked into the local Holiday Inn Express which was just around the corner & at £47 a night including a breakfast it was not a bad deal in my opinion. The rooms were lovely, just what you wanted them for, to get ready in & sleep in.

The party was at Iver Golf Club, it was a beautiful venue & my 17 year old step sister had decorated it herself with the help of my father. The main part of the party I was really looking forward to was using my camera to hopefully get some decent photos & have a practice. I'm quite happy with the results considering it was the first time I had used it.


Happy 50th Stepmom.

The party itself was a good laugh & I enjoyed myself considering I wasn't really looking forward to it & I'm glad we went. I added some photos for you to see, let me know what you think & hopefully I'll get to do some more what I've been up to posts now the weathers getting better & im not just going out for food & to the cinema which is all I really ever fancy doing during the winter. 

Have you been up to anything exciting lately? 

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