Friday, 4 March 2016

30 Before 30 Update

 So back in December I decided to write a list, call it a bucket list if you may, of 30 things I want to achieve or do before I'm 30 years old. Well with me being 28 in August I need to get a move on. As I said in the first post I would update every 3 months in hope that would make me more inclined to complete more of these achievements or tasks if you may.

So here is my first update;

- [ ] Rome
- [ ] Australia (neighbours set)
- [ ] America (Hollywood)
- [ ] Paris
- [ ] New York

I am yet to go on holiday or even book one yet however D & I do want 
to go somewhere nice on holidays this year as Magaluf last year made 
us both feel a bit too old for the whole drinking holidays now. 

- [ ] Save money for IVF (£3000+)
- [ X] Save money for emergencies (£1000+)  
- [ ] Be comfortable with monthly income & outgoings

Thankfully I have been fortunate to receive some money off my grandparents 
& from this money I have managed to put some aside to save & also 
treated myself to some new clothes & an Olympus Pen Camera. 
Also due to starting a new job my monthly income & outcome is suffering, 
I'm finding it difficult at the moment as the job pays well but there aren't enough hours
 so this is still an ongoing situation. Boo!

- [ ] Move in with Dan
- [ ] Love myself more (be more confident & care less about others)
- [ ] Be totally surprised by an amazing romantic gesture/weekend

No update here, D & I have chatted more about the moving in together but 
we both want to be earning more & with her progressing in work 
we are unsure if she will have to move stores & obviously until we are sure
 of what is happening there we can't make too many plans. 
I am getting a little more confident but I'm not happy enough
 with this progress yet to change it. 

Day/Weekend Trips
- [ ] National history museum
- [ ] Night out drinking London 
- [ X] Cadbury world
- [ ] Walk Pen-Y-Fan
- [ ] Weekend at the beach
- [ ] Visit ; Bristol Zoo, Longleat, West Midlands Safari Park

Cadbury world was amazing!!! I would definitely recommend it to anyone who
loves chocolate. It was great to learn more about John Cadbury,
& also to see how it's all produced & packaged. Yum!! 
D & I have been trying out new things such as trampoline park, 
Science park & others so hopefully we get around to the rest of the list here.

Treat myself;
- [ ] Head to Toe spa day
- [ ] Decent family car
- [ ] Hot air balloon ride
- [ ] Find the perfect little black dress
- [ ] Go to a homesense uk store

No update here unfortunately however I'm hoping to go to the Homesense store soon. 

- [ ] Complete the childminding course
- [ ] Set up my own business
- [ ] Be successful (have a good name for myself)

Again no update... Eeek. I definitely need to get a move on with the course, 
I'm going to borrow D's laptop and get my backside in gear. 

- [ ] Read all the books on my bookshelf
- [ ] Take part in a charity run
- [ ] Do something amazing for charity
- [ ] Meet my ideal weight (under 10stone)
- [ ] Meet a blogger/internet friend

Ugh.... So I'm starting to realise I'm not doing very well with my list. 
I'm slowly getting through my reading, I'm currently reading the Harry Potter books, 
as D & I are off to see the play The Cursed Child in October, 
I have no bought any books in a while so I'm doing good at that so my bookcase isn't 
growing which is a bonus. Haha. 

I seriously need to get my butt in gear to lose the weight,
as my aunts wedding is in less than 3 months & I have a bridesmaid dress to fit in.

So that's my 3 month update. I must get more done by the next time, so feel free to nag me. Haha. Or if you have any recommendations then please feel free to comment. Until the next update.

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