Friday, 6 November 2015

Hey again,

So something I didn't tell you about in my first blog post was that as well as setting up my own childcare business I am also trying to set up my own small art and crafts business.

Ever since I was a little girl I used to enjoy being arty/crafty with my Grandmother. I used to go to her craft classes/groups & sit there with all her friends and either do something of my own or something that they were doing whether it be card making using parchment paper, knitting, sewing, anything. I've always loved making something of my own to be proud of & I give a lot of thanks to my Grandmother for this. So with a gentle nudge from someone close to me I decided to create a Facebook page where I could show what I've made & be proud... And if I can make a bit of money by creating things for other people then who's going to complain.

I will post links to all my social media pages so you can check out my work and I will possibly talk more about my products in another post.

Hope you'll stick with me on all my journeys..


Love Coco

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