Saturday, 31 October 2015

Welcome to Coco Chats


So a while ago, we're talking a few years here, I attempted to start a blog & YouTube videos... It didn't turn out very well as I felt embarrassed and I wasn't supported very well by my partner at the time. So now my life is quite a bit different I thought I might try to get back into it. So this is just my little introduction into who I am, what I hope to get from this blog & what I aim to write about.

Here goes.....

My name is Chloe however on here I'm going to be referred to as Coco. The name coco comes from one of my younger cousins who one day just started calling me coco, we think he got it from the fact that family call me Clo. Anyways, Coco is who I am & who I am hoping to be for a long time.

I am currently not working however my career is in the childcare industry & I am starting the journey of becoming a childminder & starting my own childminding business. More on this another time. I have worked in Nurseries, Schools, Colleges & recently got to fulfil a dream of becoming a private nanny. I always wanted to be a nanny & I got to experience this for 6 months, unfortunately the family I worked for moved & I couldn't continue to work for them.

I live on my own, with my two cats, Mister Smudge & Cleo. I live in a little town in South Wales, where I grew up. I moved from my hometown aged 19 to Northumberland for 6 months for a job, then moved to a Heritage Town in Torfaen & about a year ago I moved back to my hometown.

I have a girlfriend of 1 year, she doesn't live with me but we stay with each other quite a bit, she is very supportive of me in everything I do. She treats me like a princess. The one thing I have learnt in this relationship is that talking is the key to surviving. Even when I find it hard to say what's on my mind, I know that I can talk about it & can work out solutions or just get it off my chest. Any ways that's enough about her. 😝

I wanted to start this blog because like I said I am starting the process of becoming a childminder & starting my own business so I thought it would be good to document this as I am completing courses and setting up, I also will write about life generally, I always like a good rant or a good discussion on a topic that everyone can join in & I think that's probably about it. I'm not setting myself up to do too much as we shall see how it goes but hopefully this will work out & I'll meet some lovely people on the way.

Here's to the future & to the start of CocoTalks

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