Thursday, 17 November 2016

My Childminding Journey so far..

So as you know I started this blog to talk about my life, what I get up to, my crafting & my childminding journey. I thought seeing as I've been gone a while I would update you as to what has happened.
Starting with the childminding as thats something I'm using a lot of energy on at the moment.

I've FINALLY finished the CYPOP5 course with PACEY. For anyone who doesnt know much about childcare it is basically a course for anyone who wants to be a childminder. It makes you learn about and understand different topics such as how play is important, safeguarding, and partnerships with parents to name a few.

I am from a childcare background, I've done two childcare NVQ/Diploma courses amongst many other courses so I have more understanding but as the care is based in your home you need to partake in the course. I did the course online but it can be done in a classroom type session. In hindsight I should of done it in the classroom as I found the course qiute difficult because there wasnt much information provided to aide you to answer the question.You do have a tutor but I found that they didnt give you much support & I personally felt that mine had quite a lot of holidays and time off. I got given extensions because I took time off from it when my Grandfather passed away which I totally appreciated but it took me about a year to complete. They say it can be done in about 4 months so I did take a lot longer than that.

I've been playing about with Logo ideas.. I need help! Haha!!!

So now the course is completed & been sent off for marking I have to fill in an application form. This form is 50 pages long!!!! YES 50 ! With each part of the form you have to have evidence to submit with it. For example I have to have a medical exam to show I am mentally & physically able to look after children. Everyone who lives in or is a regular visitor of my home has to have a DBS (the new CRB) check so I have 4 of them to fill out. As well as sending off all Policies & Procedures that I will be using, plans of the house, activities I plan on doing, etc.

 I'm hoping to get the form sent off by the end of the month but I need to do an update on my Food Hygiene & Paediatric first aid courses & I cant seem to find any going on at the moment.

So thats where I am at the moment... fingers crossed all goes to plan.

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