Thursday, 9 June 2016

Big Brother 2016


So this is kinda an unplanned post because Tuesday night was the launch of Big Brother. I am such a TV addict & Big Bro is certainly ones of those ones that I just can't miss. I heard they were going to do a bit of a shake up this year & so I was really interested to see how that went down as its been going downhill the last few years, probably because it's been running so long. Anyways I thought I would give my thoughts of last nights launch show & on the new Housemates & The Others.....  More on that in a minute.

Launch Night; Tuesday 7th June 2016
Presenter; Emma Willis (who is just absolutely gorgeous & looking amazing post baby)

This years eye;

I always love finding out what the eye is going to look like & the diary room chair. There's been some good designs in previous years & these ones aren't the best but it does tie in to the plot.

The chair;

The housemates;

I'll talk about them in order of appearance. What annoyed me most about this years housemates is that most of them seem to be headhunted, there's no 'real' people.

Marco; The son of the celebrity chef, Marco Pierre White, 21 years of age. He came across as really cocky & all up himself. I think he may grow me on. 

Emma & Victoria, yep twins; and Yep they are annoying. I thought they'd were really young but upon research they are 30 years of age!!!! Their outfits were interesting shall we say, animal print with red heart patches on the arse of one of them, like I said interesting. They are bubbly and chatty and over the top..... That won't get annoying honest!!! 

Andy; he worked for the BBC as a journalist & got sacked because he stood up for something about gay rights, good on him I say !! He was the first one that I thought was down to earth and that I liked. He also said he doesn't like over the top hyperactive type people.... I can't want to see how he copes around the twins. 

Laura; a 'I've had sex with celebrities' type girl.... Not my favourite. Yes she's pretty but I hate girls or guys for that matter act like they are gods gift because they are good looking. She will defo irritate me. 

Alex; A model/Actor.. Think he bigs himself up in his VT but I think he could be a great housemate, think he's the kind of guy who treats girls right.. He is Bezzie Mates with Vicky Pattinson though & she's already tweeted about him lots so I think this may help with him getting support to stay in. 

Lateysha; a fellow Welshie, who starred on MTV's The Valleys... She is a sensitive girl with a loud fiery mouth. Ditsy but funny. I don't know how far she will go but she'll provide a few laughs and a few face palm moments too. 

Evelyn; a 20 year old Australian ... Said she doesn't like being told what to do .... Most of them say the same... But I think she may have a few tantrums if it's something she doesn't want to do. She didn't really stick in my mind.. We'll see how she goes but I don't expect much. 

Sam; an annoying loves himself, self confessed party man. He's from Blackpool & says he rules the roost & everyone fancies him, he doesn't like 'camp' men and although he told BB he was single he told Emma that he has a boyfriend.... So I don't trust him much. 

Georgina ; another reality TV personality, she was on E4's show Taking New York. She came across better on her VT than she did in the other show... It'll only take a while for her to show her true colours either way. She's self involved & think she's all that. I don't know if she'll change my mind about her. 

Jason; a body double for the bond films, aged 45, he's the oldest in the house, he says he wouldn't rule out finding love in the house... I dunno how that's going to go for him! 

Jackson; aww I fell in love with Jackson. He's a lovely 24 year old lad. He's probably the most down to earth person in there. He loves a cuppa tea and a biscuit. He just seems lovely. He's my fav at the moment. 

Chelsea; wow Chelsea ... He looks like Dexter from last year mixed with the guy from the Hangover films. He's a business man who owns a Bentley & says he's going to miss that more than anything. Big headed and annoying was my opinion of him, I don't like him at all. 

This year they have two houses & in the second house is THE OTHERS. Apparently they have links to the main housemates, they are blasts from the past.. Probably not the good kind. Interesting twist but it's the same thing of new housemates and old. We'll see how it pans out but I'm not convinced yet. 

Charlie- blonde, loves herself woman who looks familiar but I can't find anything online. Will be annoying.

Andrew; seems the most normal of the bunch. Although he says he's super intelligent & doesmt like boring conversations.... He's going into BB not mastermind. 

Hughie ; camp, annoying, super tanned... Not my fav type of person but I wonder how much was for the camera. 

Natalie ; the oldest of the 'housemates' she comes across as very fierce and won't stand for no shit. Also very loud and says she won't take on the "Mother" role.

 Jayne ; former glamour girl & journalist, she came over the quietest  of the bunch, not much to say on her, found her pretty boring. 

Ryan; UGH! Probably the one I dislike the most so far. He was the guy who got drunk in the c factor boot camp and he came across really annoying on launch night. BB was trying to explain their task & he just want listening meaning he didn't understand which drives me MAAAAAD. 

This has been a pretty lengthy post so I shall leave it at that & see how the rest of the week goes. I may do a weekly round up or I may just post something BB related when I feel like it. We shall see. 

Sorry if this post bored you but I will be back with my day to day stuff soon. Promise. 
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