Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Goodbye July.. Hello August.

OMG how quick is this year going??!!!

I've been a bit absent from blogging but as im coming to an end on my course & things should be settling down soon I hope to be back to it, writing and reading. I cannot believe it is August already. Where is this year going????

June was quite a busy month for me. I thought I would round it up with a collage of my favourite moments from the month with a short explanation.

What isnt pictured is my Grandmothers (Nan) move to a temporary house for about 6 months whilst her house is being made more safe and accomodating for her now she is on her own & because of her Parkinsons Disease.

The first picture is of me & my auntie, a lot of people say we look like sisters, in our local Wetherspoons for our cousins hen night, it was a good night. The bride to be was absolutely blotto & was hysterical.

Next is the beautiful baby Thora. An old work colleague gave birth to this little cutie back in May. Such a quiet & calm little baby, I held her in my arms for 2 hours without a mumour. I want one with that sort of temperment please!!

The third picture is of my Beauty & The Beast collection which I added to by making my own Enchanted Rose ornament. There will be more about that in another blog post. I love how my collection is growing.

Picture number four is sgain another little craft creation by myself. Ive been meaning to get D's initial for a while & wanted to update mine to reflect the new colour scheme I plan on having in the bedroom. Again I may feature this in another blog post.

I also went soap crazy this month. I go through phases with smelly things & this months it was hand soaps that got me. The scents I got were Strawberry laces, Bubblegum, Cola Bottles, Love Hearts & Chocolate Orange... I tell you now these smell like the real thing... Im in heaven!!!

So as I said I attended my cousins hen party, well here she is on her wedding day with my Nan & my Great Auntie. My cousin had a small daytime wedding & then we attended the evening. The reception was at the same place where my Auntie had hers back in May so there will be more pictures of the venue when I get around to writing that blog post. (Sooooo many blog posts!!!)

The penultimate picture is of D & Myself a little bit wet at our visit to Dan-yr-ogof caves. (you guessed it there will be a post about that soon too) I hadnt been since I was a kid & it was a good day out despite the weather. I dont know what it is about this girl but it can be bucketing it down with rain & she still makes me smile & enjoy myself.

Finally is of some beautiful flowers that my Nan bought for D's mother who unfortunately broke her arm this month. She's doing fine, is in a cast & hopefully after physio today is doing a lot better. I put this picture in because it makes me smile at how thoughtful my Nan can be to people she barely knows. I am proud to have her in my life & that she is my role model. I am a lucky girl.

July was a pretty busy but good month. August has a few plans already, what with it being my birthday & our holiday to Bulgaria booked. Lets hope the UK has some nice sun for us to enjoy too.

What did July bring you? Do you have many plans for August?
Please leave a comment below. I look forward to hearing from you.

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